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We are exporting to all over the world and trading amount is increasing 7% each year, winning good praise from clients.


Adhere to do valuable thing, to create valuable DOAN technology, DOAN strive to become a global leader for high-end road construction and maintenance machinery.


DOAN Machinery Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001 and CE certification, we provide customers with stable quality of road construction and maintenance machinery and technical support.

Technical Support

DOAN pavement repair series of road maintenance machinery includes crack router k25, CRACK SEALING MACHINE G120L, CRACK SEALING MACHINE GZ350, Crack-sealing-machine-(GL500), hot air lance CLYP-940, piggy-back-blower BV162 etc.
DOAN slot repair series of road maintenance machinery includes tda1600-trailer-asphalt-heater, tda2000-trailer-asphalt-heater, (CF-2000)-thermal-regeneration, circumference-cutting-machine-(YQL-1500), Pavement-hammers-FAYG11, Pavement-hammers-FAPC-28, XM50K, double-steel-wheel-roller-(rd12-9a) etc.
DOAN surface sealing series of road maintenance machinery includes JP 300 Intelligent seal coat rainmaker and other equipment maintenance materials.
DOAN traffic safety series of road maintenance machinery includes vehicle-display-screen CJXP12-07D, command-display-system-(CJXP12-04D9), All-round-lifting-work-lights-YSD6306, All-round-lifting-work-lights-YSD950 etc.
DOAN maintenance material series of road maintenance machinery includes Crack-sealing-tape, comprehensive-repair-material, crack-sealant-(pl-w), carbonyte-sealcoats, bridge-expansion-joint-system-(bj-200) etc.


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